Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Twitter™ – What a Wonderful (Wired) World! (Challenge #8)

Well, here’s my final post in the best professional learning experience I’ve ever undertaken – my reflections on using Twitter™ to build blog readership in response to the final EdublogsKick Start Your Blogging Challenge.

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Twitter™ and I: Tapping into the Global Educator Community

When I started out using Twitter™, I was focussed on engaging in the global #edchats, collecting fantastic online resources, and learning the value of social bookmarking.

Under the guidance of @clivesir, I learnt how to follow and use educational hashtags (eg. #edchat, #elemchat) in my tweets; resulting in a course of events which changed the way I publicised my blog forever.

I’ll never forget waking up one morning to see My First #Edchat and Twitter™ for Teachers posts retweeted by educators around the world. As I enthused in my I’m Not Talking to Myself Anymore! post at the time, this helped establish the incredibly wide readership which I enjoy today.

3 Quick Twitter™ Lessons (via @clivesir)

Lesson #1: Twitter™ newbies: Follow and introduce yourself to @clivesir. He’s a great character, mentor, and inspirational educator. He’s also one of my best online friends – one whom I’d love to meet. 

Lesson #2: Publicising blog posts on Twitter™ when American & European teachers are online (check your time-zones!), and the use of relevant educational #hashtags helps to build blog readership (significantly).

Lesson #3: If you blog quality, relevant, thought-provoking material – people will read & follow. The same goes for Tweeting.

Quality + Time + Plenty of Self / Free Publicity (via RTs) = WIDER BLOG READERSHIP

Final Thoughts

And thus I draw to a close my participation in the 2011 Edublogs™ Kick Start Your Blogging Challenge. There’s not much I can say in praise of this Challenge, and the wonderful people who ran it, that others haven’t said already. Suffice it to say that the Challenge has been of enormous assistance in developing my blogging style and readership over the course of the past few turbulent months.

Now, lets hear THREE RESOUNDING CHEERS for @suewaters, @ronnieburt, @murcha and @tasteach; and all the wonderful, inspiring educators and experienced bloggers (@brittgow in particular) whose feedback shaped the “new and improved” A Relief Teacher’s Journey!


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  1. Thank you very much for the mention, Michael! I'm glad I was able to give you some pointers when you were setting off on your Twitter journey. But you know, this is the essence of Social Media - the community spirit.

    And it's not without self-interest - I benefit by getting to read your quality, fascinating and inspiring posts :)

    I'm delighted it's all working out for you!


  2. We're glad we could help and your blog looks great!

  3. Good post. I hope more and more teachers join twitter and expand their PLN's, the benefits are just amazing! Blogs like this are sure to inspire others! We need to continue demonstrating leadership to encourage other teachers to join in.